U.S. Army Veteran – Colorado Springs

“I served 3 years in Iraq and 4 years in Afghanistan.  During one of my tours of duty, I hit an IED that severely injured my shoulder, requiring numerous surgeries.  The emotional pain and strain of war led me to attempt suicide a few times.  I decided to talk to a professional and was referred to Dr. Ryder.  Her approach has been very therapeutic.  I no longer think about suicide.  I am very happy in my life.”

EMT – Colorado Springs, Colorado

“I feel very fortunate that I connected with Violet Mountain Life Center.  It’s changed my life and I have gotten a tremendous amount of healing by working with Dr. Ryder.  She really cares and has helped me to recalibrate my sleeping cycle, eating routines, and establish healthy habits..”

Police Officer – Denver, Colorado

“I was nearly shot after responding to an emergency call where two others were killed.   The incident replayed over and over in my head.  After the shooting, I remained an ongoing first responder;  However, it was affecting me so I went to see Dr. Ryder.  She helped me resolve the overwhelming PTS feelings I was struggling with.  I learned new techniques to cope with the traumas I encounter on the job as a Police Officer.”